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UPS Utility and Positioning Systems

UPS Ltd; was Founded in 2012 as a solution provider representing the most professional international manufacturers providing the market with a wide range of products and services, since then our major objective was customer satisfaction, always there when needed and ready to listen to our customers, UPS's strength is based on its practical experience and the extraordinary efforts of its employees, which enables us to offer increasingly effective products / services and to anticipate on our customers' requirements, making their jobs a lot easier ... Read More

IWA Member

In order for UPS Ltd; to be an added value for the market, working parallel with the latest global innovations embracing new technologies was as an obligation to meet our customers' expectations. For this particular reason UPS Ltd; decided to be a part of the International Water Association “IWA” hub were they bring professionals of the highest caliber from the water cycle industry together. A hub dedicated to sharing knowledge, experience and know- how about the most pressing water challenges, innovative solutions and many other added values as Pioneering Science, Innovating Technology and Leading Practice … etc

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Oil and Gas

With a reputation for quality, reliability and staff expertise, UPS provides Assembly machines and Test benches for production units as well as Test equipment and Ground Support Equipment for Oil and Gas industry.



In the challenging Electricity sector, UPS offers innovative solutions supports industry, through intelligent and advanced technological solutions coupled with strong customer support.



UPS provides all over the world innovative high tech and resilient solutions to meet the need for inspection, measurement and maintenance/repair within the various water networks.